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I was recently invited to speak on KTTC about my views. See my segment here!

Property Taxes

Property taxes will create economic stability. All taxes are not bad but some are. First, the combination of our aging population and the increase in property taxes will create a unsustainable economic future.  Our population is aging and their retirement income is fixed.  Increasing property taxes will force older people out of their homes.  This is bad in itself but it will also decrease the tax base.  This will decrease the tax revenue, which in turn will force the County to raise the property tax. This creates an economic unsustainable future.

Second, when older people cannot afford to pay their property tax they will need county assistance which will decrease the tax base and simultaneously cause an increase in property taxes to care for them.  This contributes to an economic unsustainable future.

Third, young people entering the housing market, who are already burdened with childcare costs and student loans, will not be able to buy a home because of the added costs of property taxes.  Without increasing the housing base, the County will be forced to increase property taxes which will contribute to an economic unsustainable future.

See Gregg Wright talk about your property taxes and the Baby Boomer effect in the video below.


Data used in the video provided by:
Minnesota Demographic Center
Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED)

The Aging Population
About 600 Minnesotans turn 65 every day.  By 2020 There will be more older people than younger people.  To insure that our older citizens are cared for, more county resources will be needed.  The best and most economical way to care for our older citizens is to insure that they can continue to live in their house. Below are the demographic trends for the next decades, what Olmsted County will experience is unprecedented and we need to be prepared for the coming wave.

Everyone is getting old

Safe Efficient Transportation
Everyone deserves to get to work, school, the grocery store, doctor and pharmacy and back home again.  The county and city will must work together to develop a transportation system that is low cost, easily accessible, friendly to older and younger users and makes it worthwhile for people to use.

Affordable Housing
Everyone deserves affordable housing.  However, I disagree with increasing property taxes to pay for low income housing.  This will result in forcing people out of their home, prevent people from buying homes and contribute to an economic unstable future.  I will work with county and city officials to insure affordable housing without raising property taxes.

Destination Medical Center
The people in the County should not have to pay for DMC.  Unfortunately, this rule has already been broken.  The reason given for raising your property taxes was that DMC will bring in many low pay workers who will need housing.  I do not support an increase in property taxes.  I do not support the costs of DMC being passed onto property taxes.

Safe Neighborhoods
We all deserve to have freedom from fear.  I will work with county and city law enforcement to insure that everyone is safe in their neighborhood.

Safe Drinkable Water
Our most precious resource is safe drinkable water.  We must not take our water for granted.  I will be vigilant in insuring that that the water that comes to every house is safe and drinkable and that Olmsted has taken the proper steps to insure a future supply of safe drinkable water.

Taxing Social Security
It is time to find a better way to raise revenue than to tax Social Security.  Minnesota must join the majority of states that do not tax Social Security

Installment Plan for Paying Property Taxes
An installment plan will help families to budget and make it easier for families.  The time for the county to adopt an installment plan for paying property taxes has arrived.

Community Schools
I support the concept of community schools. This model has shown great promise in contributing to better and long lasting educational outcomes. Focusing on the county's social service as part of a community school is needed to promote healthy and well educated children.

No Obligations to Outside Interestest / No Donations Accepted
My campaign is completely self funded so I have no obligations to outside interests. I will work for you, not some special interest group.

Look Paul Wilson's numbers.
Can you afford him for another four years?

 30.55 %
Since Paul Wilson has been in office he has raised your property tax 30.55%
Source:  Olmsted County Property and Records

Over the last 21 years Paul Wilson has raised his own pay 303% or $33,228.78
Source: Olmsted County Finance Department

$34,790 are Paul Wilson's travel expenses of your tax dollars.
Source: 03-16 Olmsted County Finance Department 

Pay Year Taxes Payable Estimated Market Value Taxable Market Value Percent Change From '94
1994  $1,224  $83,500  $83,500  
1998  $1,212  $83,500  $83,500 -1%
2002  $1,268  $119,500  $119,500 4%
2003  $1,388  $123,300  $123,300 13%
2011  $1,490  $132,800  $132,800 22%
2012  $1,540  $132,100  $107,000 26%
2013  $1,532  $130,300  $105,000 25%
2014  $1,470  $129,600  $104,300 20%
2015  $1,504  $129,900  $104,612 23%
2016  $1,598  $128,700  $103,304 31%
Source: Olmstead County Property and Records

This year vote Wright! He will work for you!

Early voting starts September 23rd. Vote early at 1421, Third Ave. SE (by the fairgrounds) to vote early. No lines, no waiting.

Vote Wright!

Gregg has been going door to door talking to people. He has received a lot of support. Here are easy ways you can help Gregg!
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Early voting starts September 23. Long lines are expected on voting day, November 8. However, you can vote early and avoid long lines. Vote Early at 1421 3rd Avenue SE starting September 23.

Do you need an absentee Ballot? Go to and select other ways to vote - vote early by mail /  Apply  Online /  Go To Application / Select Olmsted County, Rochester and your zip, 11/08/16, State General Election Only. Complete the rest of the information and a ballot will be sent to you.

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About Gregg

Gregg Wright is a 45 year resident of Olmsted County.  His parents grew up in the Kasson-Byron area.  Gregg has always been interested in helping people.  He has been a counselor at Rochester Community and Technical College for many years and has served as a member on the Child Care Resource and Referral board now called Families First Minnesota.  Most recently he has been appointed by Governor Dayton to serve on the Minnesota Board on Aging.  This is a  body that recommends actions that state government can take to better serve the people of Minnesota.  The board also approves funding for the Area Agencies on Aging, has had an internship in Olmsted County Social Services as a Vulnerable Adult Case Worker and is a licensed psychologist.

Gregg is tenacious in his pursuit to help people and make County Government more responsive to the needs of the community.  When elected he will bring a new and needed different perspective to improving Olmsted County finances, providing services and preparing for the future.

Gregg's motto: Hard Work, Dedication, Persistence, and Vigilance.
Gregg cares about people. He believes that together we can enrich our lives where older citizens can afford to stay in their homes and younger people can secure their future.

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